My first post here

New website, new post!

I decided to change the design of my website and give it a fresh look, I wanted a minimalist portfolio, so uploading and sharing stuff would be easier. I was using blogspot in the past but it wasn't so good to keep posting there, I felt like I was totally unconnected from my other accounts, maybe that platform works out well for recognized artists with a solid fan base, not for me, and after months I started thinking that I was just wasting my time, so I stopped posting there.

Well, to be honest, blogs are not my thing, but I think is a great way to share some art related stuff, news, freebies, and at the same time keep track of your own projects and goals, because time flies and personally I think one of the worst enemies of an artist is the lack of time between work, family and social life. Inicially I'm gonna post once a month to make this a rutine, let's see how it works. 

Next post I hope to be more interesting than this one and have some art on it! If you somehow enjoy my art, then I invite you to subscribe and follow me to witness my journey through art :)

Have a nice week everyone!

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